Consultation And Pre-Handover Services

JBC Management is working closely with property developers to establish the best community structure for the project. We offer pre-handover consultation and advisory services ensuring all timelines are met prior to the project handover. We provide documents related to the establishment and management of the community for our clients on time for project completion and handover guaranteeing full compliance and smooth transition.

We can further assist with the transition process helping Developers to formalize the registration of the property with Land Department, making the process as easy as possible and facilitating all the related services regarding the transition including, but not limited to the following services:

Coordinating with Survey consultants and finalizing the schedule of common elements and lot entitlements

Advising on shared arrangements in the building, including identifying the Common Elements and Common Property

Setting up Escrow accounts for managing the funds

Facilitating the tender process for service providers

Preparing and reviewing the contracts with Service Providers

Managing the handover process

Guidance on BMS Statement and JOPD Preparation

Government Relations and Liaisons with Local Authorities

Advising on Community related legal matters

Insuring the Jointly Owned Property

Overseeing Building Maintenance

Introducing and enforcing community governance strategies

Arranging Annual General Meetings

Reviewing the Committee Members’ Nominations and submitting the same to RERA for approval

Developing the communication strategy with Residents

Property Snagging Services

Coordinating with contractors during Defect Liability Period

Service Charge budget forecast

We provide quality services with experts overseeing all matters.