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LAW No. 6 OF 2019

The New Jointly Owned Property Law


The new law pertaining to the joint ownership of the real estate in Dubai, Law no. 6 of 2019 has been published and has effectively repealed Law No. 27 of 2007.

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JBC Management would like to highlight the essential changes to be implemented with the new law:

“All rights and obligations of Owners Association shall be transferred to Management Entities”

“The Owners Committee will be constituted of a maximum 9 members appointed by RERA”

“RERA shall inspect and audit the management, operation, maintenance and repair of the Jointly Owned Property, Common Parts and Common Facilities”

“ The Rental Dispute Centre shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear and settle all disputes and differences that fall under the purview of this Law”

The Management has a lien on each unit in respect of unpaid service charges. The unit may not be disposed of until after the receipt of payment of this allowance to the Management. If the Owner fails to pay their share of Service Charges or any part thereof, the Management shall demand to pay this charge within thirty days from the date of notifying them thereof by a written notice approved by the Agency. If this time limit lapses, the financial claim issued by the Management to the Owner shall be enforceable before the execution judge in the Centre in accordance with the rules and procedures. The competent execution judge may, when necessary, sell the Unit whose Owner has not paid his share of the Service Charges, through public auction to recover the due Service Charge.