Supervision And Management Of Service Providers

JBC Management’s technical team is focused on enhancing the standards of the community, reducing operating costs and ensuring the smooth day to day operations by forming strong partnerships with renowned companies.

With a skilled workforce, JBC Management endeavors to constantly develop the operations and improve the efficiency of the services and maintenance being carried out in the building such as:

Facility Management

Security and Reception

Cleaning, Housekeeping Services and Facade Cleaning

Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting Systems and Emergency Lights

Elevator Systems

Access Control Systems

BMS Systems


Pest Control

Our engineers are also in charge of:

Auditing technical performance

Asset management

Audit property condition

Energy management

Conduct regular site inspections

Recommend and implement community improvements

Train and supervise onsite personnel

Organise and conduct fire drill

Coordinate with authorities for surveys, audits and incidents

Lead the emergency evacuation from the front in case of fire or any other incident

Tendering and appointment of service providers

Management of service providers and coordinators